Carl Klang – Extremist



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1) Blinded By The Lies

2) All Is Fair In Love And War (Ode To Gordon Kahl)

3) Wheresoever Eagles Gather (The Ballad Of Randy Weaver)

4) We Want This Country Ball

5) Peacekeeping Forces

6) Evil, Filthy, Rotten Conspiracy

7) I Am The Unknown Soldier

8) Why The Banksters Keep Us Dumb

9) Seventeen Little Children

10) Hang ´Em High

11) We Ain´t Gonna Fight For The N.W.O.

12) There Ain´t No Skeleton In Jesus Closet

13) I´m The Resister

14) The News Behind The News

15) Don´t Go Castin Your Pearls (Before Swine)

16) Rock Them In Their Ivory Towers

17) It´s Not Over Until We Win


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